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Animal Control
Animal Control

The Gallatin Police Department assumed the responsibility of Animal Control effective Wednesday, July 1, 2015. The Gallatin Police Department is known for its commitment to excellence and proactive community policing and will transfer this same mindset to Animal Control. The services provided will be professional, compassionate, structured, pro-active, well-trained, efficient and service-oriented as it provides animal control to the citizens of Gallatin. The Animal Control officers will be expected to perform their duties in a manner which inspires confidence from the public, other employees and the City of Gallatin.

Animal Control officers work split shifts to ensure availability during hours when this service has statistically been most needed. Animal Control officers respond to ALL animal calls within the city limits of Gallatin regardless of animal type (domestic, exotic, wild, agricultural, etc.). Animal Control officers will continue to respond to “at-large” and nuisance animal calls. In addition, the officers will answer calls for wild, sick/injured, vicious and exotic animals, as well as livestock, abandoned and surrendered animals and animal rescue. The officers also conduct animal cruelty, fighting and bite investigations. Each of these responses will be conducted in a humane and caring fashion.

The Animal Control officers have the ability and authority to issue citations for non-compliance, as well as make arrests should the situation arise. The officers are also be available to the citizens of Gallatin to answer animal-related questions and participate in instructional opportunities such as festivals, day camps and school demonstrations.

All impounded domestic animals will be transported to the Sumner County Animal Control facility located at 1033 Union School Road in Gallatin. Wild animals will be released in a safe, rural location when allowable. Sick and/or injured wildlife will be transported to the nearest facility trained in the care and handling of these types of animals. Animal Control will make every effort to work with a variety of animal welfare groups that handle specific types of situations such as the Humane Society, TWRA, Volunteer Equine Advocates of Sumner County, Walden’s Puddle, etc.

This is an exciting opportunity for the City of Gallatin and the Gallatin Police Department is looking forward to this new endeavor. Through our commitment of excellence, the Gallatin Police Department will create the most professional and compassionate Animal Control Division the city and its citizens has ever experienced.