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The Field Operations Unit of the Gallatin Police Department, popularly referred to as the "Patrol" Unit, provides the immediate and most-visible unit of the Gallatin Police Department. In 2006 Gallatin police responded to over 45,000 calls for service. As the population of the city continues to increase, so do the demands for police service. The department follows the management process of CompStat which is a system of accountability at all levels of the department. Major crimes are tracked and mapped week to week to determine emerging crime trends and patterns. When a crime pattern is recognized additional resources are shifted to those areas of the city being affected. The process is fluid and very adaptable.

Several officers are currently assigned to the Field Operations Unit of the Gallatin Police Department. These officers work twelve hour shifts in 4 squads. All officers are considered "generalists," so that officers have a broader range of understanding of the wide variety of issues that officers will typically encounter during their shifts: from domestic violence issues and child abuse to home burglaries and shoplifters. While certain officers are specifically trained in certain areas, all officers receive general training in several areas so that the Department can provide better, more comprehensive services to the community.

The city is divided into 7 zones and officers are assigned to permanent zones allowing them to learn who the residents and business owners are in their zones. Officers develop “zone profiles” for their assigned zones and information contained in these profiles is updated weekly. This allows for a smooth transfer of information between officers who work different shifts.

Reserve Officer Program
The department uses Reserve Officers to supplement the manpower for the patrol division. Reserve officers must complete the same background investigation that certified officers with the department undergo including the physical and psychological components. Reserve officers complete 120 hours classroom and practical training prior to being allowed to assist officers. Reserve Officers are always assigned with a certified officer and work patrol assignments and special events.

For administrative information related to the patrol division call 615-452-1313.

Public Service Officers
Public Service Officers provide several important services to the City of Gallatin. Most often, you will see Public Service Officers, who wear white shirts, driving a vehicle that looks like a police car, except that the vehicle has yellow lights in the lightbar. Public Service Officers often assist Police Officers on the scene of vehicle crashes by directing traffic and coordinating tow truck services. Additionally, Public Service Officers assist stranded motorists on Gallatin roadways by providing them gasoline or helping them contact tow truck companies for additional services. Finally, Public Service Officers assist the Gallatin Police Department by providing extra eyes and ears in our community, which is the most important part of their job.

Traffic Control Officers
Traffic Control Officers enforce City of Gallatin parking ordinances in Gallatin, most frequently in the area of the City Square. Traffic Control Officers, who can be identified by their white shirts and dark pants, are usually visible in the City Square during weekdays when traffic in the Square area is at its highest levels. Due to the limited number of parking spaces and the high number of individuals looking for spots to park their cars, Traffic Control Officers take enforcement actions as needed to keep traffic moving smoothly within the Square. More likely than not, the next time you see a Traffic Control Officer, you will pass them on the sidewalk, since Traffic Control Officers patrol the square solely on foot.