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If you are a member of the media and wish to obtain information regarding an incident in the City of Gallatin, coordinate access to a departmental event, or receive information on a given topic, please contact us as listed below.

The current Public Information Officers are Officer Bill Storment and Captain Kate Novitsky. They are available during business hours on weekdays and on a call-out basis on nights and weekends. Officer Bill Storment can be reached at 615-452-1313 ext. 215 and Captain Kate Novitsky can be reached at 615-452-1313 ext. 216

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The Office of the Chief of Police publishes an annual report as a reference guide for the year in review.

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Latest News
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Hot Vehicles Unattended - Friday, July 18, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Captain Kate Novitsky
Officer Bill Storment

Each summer, the Gallatin Police Department responds to numerous calls for service where children or pets have been left unattended inside vehicles parked in hot conditions, often with the windows closed. With summer in full swing the short term forecast is for a hot temperature pattern with temps mostly above 85 and sometimes over 90 degrees. Parents and caregivers are reminded to never leave children in a car in the summer heat, even for a few minutes. When the outside temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and your window is down two inches, the temperature inside your car can reach 109 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes and depending on the interior color of the car, could soar to levels as high as 135-190 degrees over extended periods of time. Exposure to these hot weather conditions could be potentially life-threatening to children resulting in dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death. Caregivers who neglect the care of their children or their pets will be investigated and possibly face criminal charges.

We would like to encourage the public to be vigilant in reporting any incidents they observe where a child or pet is unattended in a hot vehicle by calling 911.


Claborn Donation - Friday, July 18, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Captain Kate Novitsky
Officer Bill Storment

Each year, the Gallatin Police Department sponsors the Shop-With-A-Cop event where underprivileged children are treated to a Christmas shopping spree. This event takes a lot of coordination, organization and money. The money is raised from fundraisers and donations from businesses and occasionally from individuals. We would like to express our gratitude to Geneva Claborn who has for years, made a generous donation to the Gallatin Police Department for this worthy cause. Mrs. Claborn has again this year stepped up and graciously given of herself. Thank you Mrs. Claborn for your love and support.

We cordially invite the public to join Mrs. Claborn in making this Christmas event special for these children during the season of giving.

For additional information concerning this fundraiser please contact the Gallatin Police Department at 615-452-1313.


Yoakem Arrest - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Officer Bill Storment
Investigator Emily Renz

Gallatin police arrested 46 year old Roy Neal Yoakem on Monday, July 07, 2014 for the statutory rape of a 14 year old member of his church congregation. Roy Yoakem is a convicted sex offender who lives in Scottsville, Kentucky with a secondary address in Gallatin. At the time of the sexual assaults, Yoakem was the pastor at the New Gospel Outreach Church in Scottsville, KY. Yoakem assaulted this victim on two occasions; once at his church in KY and once at his Gallatin residence in early June. Yoakem has been incarcerated on charges in KY and was extradited to Sumner County on Monday. Yoakem is registered in Tennessee as a violent sex offender for a conviction in KY in 2005 for 2nd Degree Sexual Abuse of an 8 year old male victim. Yoakem has been charged with Aggravated Statutory Rape, Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure, Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure and Fugitive from Justice and remains in the Sumner County jail. Additional charges are pending.

Anyone with information related to any other crimes that have occurred in Gallatin are asked to contact the Gallatin Police Department at 452-1313.


July 4th 2014 DUI Checkpoint - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Cpl Scottie King
Officer Bill Storment

The Gallatin Police Department in conjunction with surrounding Sumner County law enforcement agencies conducted sobriety check points over the Independence Day Holiday. This operation resulted in 351 citations being issued along with 2 DUI arrests in Gallatin. Officers report that there were a total of 11 DUI arrests county wide. In addition to the DUI arrests, GPD officers made 8 additional arrests on various other charges. These holiday operations are an ongoing effort by the department and other law enforcement agencies to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities related to impaired driving during the holiday weekends.

For additional information please contact the Gallatin Police Department at 615-452-1313.


E. Winchester Robbery - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Investigator Daniel Soto
Officer Bill Storment

The Gallatin Police Department responded to a report of an armed robbery home invasion at a residence on E. Winchester at 12:40 a.m. on Saturday June 28. Three black male suspects entered the home armed with a handgun and assaulted the two occupants. The suspects took cash, a television, a lap top computer, a cell phone and a debit card. Investigators who responded to the scene later were able to trace two of the suspects to a residence in Nashville where one was hiding under a bed and the other in a closet. Though none of the stolen items from Gallatin were recovered, it was determined that the television was pawned at a Nashville pawn shop. Investigators did also recover two lap top computers reported stolen in similar robberies in Nashville. Floyd Howard, Jessie McBride and Angela Borden were all charged with Aggravated Robbery. These three suspects were arrested on outstanding felony warrants in Nashville and are currently in the Metro Detention facility.

Anyone with information related to this or any other crimes that have occurred in Gallatin are asked to contact Investigator Daniel Soto at the Gallatin Police Department at 452-1313.


Barcelona Scam - Saturday, June 28, 2014

For additional information
Contact: Lt. Ricky Troup
Officer Bill Storment

The Gallatin Police Department has received information from a local citizen regarding an apparent scam. The victim received a letter informing him that he is the beneficiary of a large sum of money. The scam appears to originate from Spain and requests the beneficiary to contact them by e-mail or phone. It offers a percentage of funds to the receiver, a percentage to the scammer and a percentage to a charity of choice. This is a common scam that has claimed many victims in the United States as well as Canada and Australia. Please beware of any letter, phone call, text message or e-mail correspondence that requests immediate action or payments. Also do not release personal information (i.e. social security number, date of birth) or account information to anyone that you did not initiate the transaction with or that you are not with certainty familiar with. Never send payments or make wire transfers of money to someone or to an address that you have not verified the validity and accuracy of the transaction. If you receive a letter in the mail making unbelievable offers, do not respond. With regard to other scam operations, be aware that financial institutions never call their customers to request account or personal information. Your financial institution already has that information. Contact your financial institution directly to see if there is an issue with your account. Check your bank and credit card statements regularly and report any fraudulent or suspicious activity immediately to your bank. If you find unauthorized withdrawals as a result of any scam, you should also contact the police department.

For more information, contact Lt. Ricky Troup or Officer Bill Storment at 452-1313.